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Though a company in the initial stages of forming and a company already in business have differing goals and needs, one common element exists among them: Both are in need of capable, trustworthy legal representation.

A company in its initial stages will likely encounter issues such as formation, taxation, premises lease, service, employment, operation and other commercial agreements, as well as various contract concerns. Addressing these topics with a qualified attorney will serve the company’s long term goal and function as preventative legal care. It is certain that the proper corporate planning now will save a company both time and money in the future.

A company already in business should still engage in preventative and maintenance legal measures, to ensure that its present corporate structure and contractual arrangements are truly the ideal. Additionally, companies often encounter questions or even disputes associated with its employee, client, landlord or other relationships, all of which should be approached with an emphasis on the legal and financial health of the company.

From stock purchase agreements to asset acquisitions and mergers, corporate transactions involve businesses of all sizes and industries. And while a corporate transaction may involve a union or rather a division of businesses, it should always entail strategic legal planning to ensure the health of the company.

Corporate transactions necessitate far more than commercial structuring and legal accounting, as there are also tax and possible litigation consequences. Accordingly, there is a need for the attorney involved to be skilled not only in the drafting or review of transactional agreements, but also in predicting and protecting against negative tax and liability consequences.

Our firm offers precisely such a combination, being versed in all aspects of the corporate transactional arena, from the actual structuring of the deal, to the drafting of corporate documents and to the foreseeing and handling of tax and liability effects

Most attorneys end their formal legal education at the level of Juris Doctor, which is the degree required to practice law in the United States. Few decide to pursue and obtain a further Master of Laws due to the additional time and difficulty involved. Fortunately for the Nerdinsky Law Group and its clients, Leonid is not among the “most”. In earning his Master of Laws degree in Tax Law (one of the most complex areas of law), he obtained specialized and advanced education, which enables him not only to aid the needs of clients with respect to concrete tax issues, but also to plan and handle corporate and business matters with an eye for strategy and consequences from a tax perspective

No matter the arena of one’s business, one fact is clear – at some point, a contract will need to be drafted, reviewed or interpreted, whether in light of a transaction or a dispute. Our firm offers a holistic approach to contract drafting, negotiation and review, which connects reaching and formalizing an arrangement, with resolving pending issues and preventing potential problems. To be a capable contract attorney is to be skilled beyond strategy and drafting, to foreshadow concerns and link other areas of law, such as bankruptcy and commercial litigation, into one’s contract practice.