We have yet to encounter a client, whether a business or individual, who enjoys being involved in litigation. It’s typically costly, lengthy and draining, often living up to the expression of ‘throwing good money after bad.’ Our goal, like our clients’, is to expedite or prevent litigation and achieve a successful resolution, all the while effectively and efficiently progressing the case to trial. Since most cases, whether commercial or civil, do settle, it is imperative that a litigation attorney focus energies and efforts not solely on assertive strategy and trial preparation, but also on exploring possible settlement solutions and engaging in active negotiations for an amicable and swift conclusion. In being both a transactional and litigation firm, we offer clients the best of both worlds – the knowledge and experience to litigate in a value and results driven manner, and to engage in negotiations and settlement agreement preparations.


No matter the nature of a business dispute, whether employee, client, or contract related, to effectively represent a client in a commercial litigation, an attorney should be well versed in corporate and business structures and transactions. Via our knowledge and experience in corporate transactions and contract/business law, our firm is equipped to assist both business and individual clients in all aspects of commercial disputes, from negotiation and settlement, to litigation, trial and post-judgment execution.

General and Civil

Whether personal injury, contract dispute, foreclosure, landlord/condo or creditor issue, civil litigation matters are diverse, each with its own circumstances and challenges. Our firm recognizes every person and every story, and takes pride in providing counsel, guidance and representation focused on a combination of legal theory and strategy along with a conception of the individual client’s situation and goal. With this in mind, we strive, especially in general and civil litigation matters, to work with, not just for, our clients…the litigation process often seems unreachable and intimidating, but with the right attorney-client relationship, a client is both involved and informed, and experiences both satisfaction with the representation and the legal process.