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Our firm offers a complete spectrum of real estate services – from closing/title services to Buyer, Seller, Lender and Landlord/Tenant representation. As a closing/title agent, we provide full escrow, title and closing services, with a focus on promptness and professionalism. It is our dedication to our clients and transactions which drives us to handle each closing with the care and attention needed for a timely, smooth and successful closing. Likewise, in our representation of Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, Landlords and Tenants, we strive beyond simply preparing and reviewing documents (be it for closings or leases). Rather, we ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure that our client’s interests and represented and protected, because to us, the long term goal of preventing future problems for our clients is just as critical as the short term goal of ‘closing’

Often, unwanted surprises arise, from a party refusing to close, to a foreclosure, to a defect in a property’s title. The combination of our experience, in both real estate transactions and litigation, has enabled our firm to represent individuals and businesses in matters ranging from foreclosure and eviction (landlord, tenant, lender and borrower rep) to quiet title, suits for damages, and specific performance actions.

As in any business, questions and disputes often arise. For Real Estate Agents, issues related to commissions, FREC complaint representation, listing agreement interpretation and other contractual matters, are unavoidable. Armed with knowledge and experience in both transactional and litigation arenas, our firm has enjoyed the pleasure and privilege of representing numerous Realtors and Brokers in a wide array of concerns and proceedings.

The Functions of an Attorney on a Real Estate Transaction:

Issues Which May Arise Without an Attorney’s Involvement in a Real Estate Transaction: